Monday, March 3, 2008

IISc experience

My 1 week stint at IISc was something which i wont forget ever.
Well evryone must be knowing about this institute..and they associate it with the kinda research it performs in its premises.
People there are in the range from mid 20s to............( max limit undefined) so we cant associate the MASTI that we do in our college with them but i was proved wrong with my own pre-conceived notion.
The purpose for which i went their was successfully accomplished but more to it, i met two guys who enlightened my mind..not of the likes of BABA RAMDEV but something which i always craved for-doing crazy things in craziest way(really both makes a lethal combination)but i liked it.
One was Indian and other French(wont reveal the name...can be fatal for me)....for the first time i was made to realise that "Looks can be deceptive".
The looks of the indian boy is so docile that you cant expect him to do anything rather than study but it was a total complementary.He is such a light weighted boy that he can't resist himself if the wind blows at the speed of even 10Km/hr(yes its true...believe it or not) but what is more surprising is that he drives his motorcycle that too at a speed not less than 70 km/hr(amazing..)and nature cant beat him.Also he is a die hard fan of the great BOB MARLEY and BOB DYLAN and he follows them too in every respect i.e ;) ( i think u got it)and yes a perfect vagabond in himself.But he is a virtuoso even in his area of interest also i.e design.
Regarding the french boy,merely 5'5" in height but his actions are not worth his stature.
He came to INDIA from FRANCE all the way in his bike(i will repay him by going to FRANCE in SCOOTER).A product of INSA,Lyon and a brilliant student in himself probably the guru of linux.Boozes,smokes and many more things are there in his kitty.But does justice to his work too(if he sleep due to being in trance he wakes up early in the morning just to complete his work which he left pending the previous day).

I am also about to join that IVY league in some days.Lets hope i meet up to my expectations.
Till then wait for my other post.

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